Tally recording wins and loses, from games recorded on blog, since september 2014 and from certain memory over the last 3 years. (Beyond 3 years I just dont remember any games out of a 5 year history) of course its not ALL of my games but as much stunning victories and crushing defeats as I care to remember.

pVyros, W11 -L4 -. Assassin 10.
eVyros, W4 - L5. Assassin 3.
Rahn, W8 -L8. Assassin 6.
Garyth, W11 - L3-. Assassin 7.
Ravyn, W9 - L3-. Assassin 9.
Kaelyssa, W9 - L4- Assassin 6.
Ossyan, W13-L10-. Assassin 6.
Issyria,W15 - L1-. Assassin 9.
Thyron, W1 - L0 Assassin 1.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Garyth & Elara vs pSkarre 43 points (wtf?ikr!)

43 points yo

Garryth, Blade of Retribution

Dawnguard Sentinels (Leader and 9 Grunts)
Dawnguard Sentinel Officer & Standard
Soulless Escort
Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath
Dawnguard Scyir
House Shyeel Magister

Crab Jack
Some Other Jack
Mech Thralls
Necro surgeon
possible other necro nouns.

Looks like I played without my souless, oopsies. Note the Invictor UA as Scyir proxy.
 We ran at each other screaming with our dicks in the wind. Well more like he ran/floated at me wailing with his bones in the wind and I kinda just nudged forward and girded my loins.

 Missing the pic the turn he feated. Everything walks into one of the 2 zones and gets Skarres feat. Hurray, screw this game seriously what an OP feat.

Skarath comes in from the flank after passing its Threshold check, Discordia assists with her spray.
 The Sentinels charge in, combined with Skarath's spray and Discordia's spray and remove a good chunk of the Banes and Knights, my biggest concern. Elara and the Griffons + Scyir mess about with the Mechas on the other side, Charging the Brutes to take them out early. Garyth positions up to feat so Skarre's Jacks cant retaliate on Discordia.

Remaining thralls kill most of the sentinels with some great work from his Crab Jack. Elara counter charges a Mech
 He repositions to cover Skarre with his mat8 JackOfDoom and the Crab jack pulls my sentinels apart, leaving me with 2 plus the standard. The Mech thralls start working away on my Griffons and missing Elara and the Scyir and the Magister, who are busy failing at life. The Necro baby maker thing in the back is crapping out more thralls every second.

More sprays from Discordia and Skarath clear the zone and take the objective while putting some hurt on both jacks.
 The Sentinels mop up after the sprays and Garyth goes and hides behind the bush to get 3 points from Objective destruction and Zone domination.

Damage control! Initiate Trample mode!
 Skarre steps over to kill the Scyir but needs to spend almost all of her Focus to do it thanks to Iron Sentinel, The Griffon still free strikes the JackODoom but it gets the trample off and goes over all three of my Sentinels.... who survive!

Sprays and movement with lots of lines to look tactical.

With Victory clearly in sight I systematically go about trying to throw the game. All I needed to do was kill the jack again but what I did do was as the picture indicates. Rather than having a contingency plan I leave removing the Jack entirely up to Garyth and he just pulls it off just barely, so I win.


Elara was running as a unit option, I didn't expect the lights to do any heavy lifting, there were several times I could have counter charged but didn't want to leave myself too exposed to all those Mech Thralls who could have done a good job of wrecking the Griffons. its a pity about the undead thing and the fact I hardly rolled over a 6 cause they technically could have cleared the zone a lot faster with some average rolls, thankfully I was rolling above average on the other side so who cares!

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