Tally recording wins and loses, from games recorded on blog, since september 2014 and from certain memory over the last 3 years. (Beyond 3 years I just dont remember any games out of a 5 year history) of course its not ALL of my games but as much stunning victories and crushing defeats as I care to remember.

pVyros, W11 -L4 -. Assassin 10.
eVyros, W4 - L5. Assassin 3.
Rahn, W8 -L8. Assassin 6.
Garyth, W11 - L3-. Assassin 7.
Ravyn, W9 - L3-. Assassin 9.
Kaelyssa, W9 - L4- Assassin 6.
Ossyan, W13-L10-. Assassin 6.
Issyria,W15 - L1-. Assassin 9.
Thyron, W1 - L0 Assassin 1.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rahn v Witch coven and Ravyn v eKromac super fast batreps. Now with science!

Been about a month since I got to have any games. Trying to get some practice in before the October tournament and try out some list ideas.

I haven't committed to running Thyron. I want to I just think I won't get him in time. 

So today I played with:
  • Rahn
  • Pheonix
  • Elara
  • Moros
  • Dahlia and Skarath
  • HSBM
  • Infiltrators with 3yriss
  • Magister
  • Arcanist
  • Arcanist
Its a pretty terrible list but running it into Witch Coven was even worse.

I am pretty much shelving Rahn until Helios comes out. 


So two turns in I was covincingly getting my shit pushed in and it was looking like a white wash, or brown wash.

Skarath was killed by one infernal machined jack and Elara was picked off by the charging stalker.

My battle mages and infiltrators were tied up in combat with ethereal jerks.

However he kill boxed himself, then kill boxed himself again the next turn.

Because 3 lots of warcasters are hard to manage I guess. So the Pheonix loaded up killed thr objective and I won on scenario, which I really REALLY should not have.

Second game

  • Ravyn
  • Imperitus
  • Arcanist
  • Artificer
  • Invictors UA
  • PEyriss
  • Ghost sniper
  • Ghost sniper
  • Magister
This list went a little better. 

The Ghost snipers and Eyriss killed one shifting stone and Ravyn went central with the Artificer bubble and VoD up. So 17/18.

Invictors took snipe mini feated and combined 2 skinwalkers off the table.

Wold wyrd moved up rolled super well and left Ravyn on 4 hit points. Talk about squeaky bum moment.

Clockwork Oracle tells me that it was about average.

I whipsnapped Imperitus up to get an easy walk in on Ghettorix, went in with concentrated power missed Ghettorix twice so I contented myself with making 2 Skinwalkers tough and on fire.

With the Pureblood being tied up by the Remaining Strike Force. Kromak went in himself to kill Imperitus, who Pheonix Protocols then Ghettorix finishes him off.

If my opponent had been slightly more cautious he should have used the Winter Argus animus on Kromac and kept more transfers, letting Ghettorix finish off Imperitus twice.

He did not however. With 9 points of auto damage and a bit more from Ravyn the Invictors put combines down on Kromac and with lucky dice I get just enough to kill him.

Oracle tells me with 5 combines this should be easy. I guess I didn't get as lucky as I thought.